SEO Concepts - On Page SEO VS Off Page SEO

SEO Concepts - On Page SEO VS Off Page SEO

SEO Concept - on page of page

What is On Page SEO and Off Page SEO? Which one is better among of these two SEO ? First of all i tell you both of these method of Search Engine Optimization are equally important.You cannot get your goal of high search ranking in search engine if you not focus on both method.If you have done very good On Page SEO and ignore the Off Page SEO you cannot succeeded for gaining high ranking in search engine or if you have do comprehensive work on Off Page SEO and ignore the On Page SEO you cannot succeeded for gaining the highy search engine rank.For gaining highy search rank you must consider the both of On Page and Off Page SEO techniques.

On Page and Off Page SEO used different method techniques for search engine optimzation. Lets we see the difference between these two method and understand the different technique which used in On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.     

On Page SEO
On Page SEO is used inside the web page setting it play a very important role to increase the visibility of your web site in search engine.Good On Page SEO increase the chance your web site show on page 1.There are different method and techniques we apply for On Page SEO. Lets see some of most techniques.

  • Write appropriate Title of web site
  • Use related keyword in meta tag
  • Give useful meta description
  • Fast page loading speed 
  • Unique fresh content 
  • Use share button 
  • Use short URL
  • Give video related to topic
  • Give image related to topic
  • Give outbound link related to topic

Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO is external method of optimization of web site.It is also very important for Search Engine Optimization.Lets we see the different method of Off Page SEO which can boost your web site search ranking.

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