Important SEO Terms Must Learn

Important SEO Terms Which Must Learn

301 Redirect

This SEO term is used to redirect the visitor of one web page to another web page.It is used when we change the web address/url of web page and want to show it on search engine result.301 redirect is used in server side.It is very good technique for users and search engines are directed to the correct page.

ALT Text

Alt text or attribute is a description of an image used in an HTML documents. For SEO point of view it is good technique used alt text in image. The alt text show in a blank box that would normally contain the image.We write alt attribute in HTML As

<img src="path of image" alt="here we write alt text"></img>

Anchor Text

Anchor text is a text in hyperlink. This text show blue color on most website. Writing anchor text is a good SEO practice. It also provide help the search engine to understanding about the page destination. This short text is a good little description of web page which is given in hyperlink.

Canonical URL
Canonical URL is used to identify the original web page content when same content is used on multiple web pages.It is a good techniques to tell the search engine which content is best one. Canonical URL is written in header section of HTML page.

Inbound Link

Inbound link is a link of your website to another website. Inbound linking is a great way of your SEO enhancement. Given one link on high page rank site is 100 time better to give link in 100 low rank website.

Outbound Link

The link given by other website on your website is called outbound link. Must give value able link on your site. A user come on your site if he/she found some value able link on your site it increase the your site credibility.

Internal Link

This type of link is used to direct the user to another page of your site. For example if you have website of commercial software provider,in home page you have listed all the software which are available for sale reside with each software has price link when you clink on this link you direct to another page which consist of software price. Such type of link is called internal link.

Indexed Pages

Indexed Pages are those pages which are stored in search engine. Number of search engine are available which indexed website as well as pages. Some of the famous search engine are Submit into google index, submit websit into yahoo index, submit site in yahoo search engine.

Link Building

Link Building is very good SEO technique for getting high page ranking and optimize website on search engine. Link building can be create through forum posting,blog commenting,directory submission,press release,article submission etc .


Metadata is a technique used in SEO which tell the search engine about website. It summarizes some basic information about data, which can help in finding and working with particular instances of data.

Meta Description

Meta Description consist of brief description about the page post. It should be fewer than 160 character. It show below the title of page.Most searcher comes on your website after reading this description.

Page Title

It show on the top of web page and also when open the page in browser it show at the top of browser window. It consist of important keywords related to business or product. It would be better to write important keyword on the beginning of your title.

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