SEO Concepts - 301 Redirect VS Canonical

SEO Concepts - 301 Redirect VS Canonical

SEO Concept- 301 vs canonical

Before to understanding the difference between 301 redirect VS Canonical it would be better to understand what is redirect and why we need it.
What is Redirect:
Actually redirection is the method of forwarding one URL to another URL.We can also say that redirect is process/method of sending the both user and search engine from one URL to another URL.Some time we want to move the page from one web site to another web site for this we need to redirect the previous Web page(old-URL) to new web page(new-URL).There are different kinds of redirect.Main of these are 301, 302, meta refresh. 

301 Redirect
301 Redirect is used for permanently removing one web page to another web page.Through 301 redirect you tell the search engine to index the new web page and remove previous page from indexing.It is a very good method for redirecting and indexing the page because you can get traffic and link juice on new web page and increase page ranking of new web page.

SEO concept - 301 redirect


Canonical is a tag which used in HTML header section of web page.Canonical tag is used to tell the search engine crawler a given URL which used in Canonical tag is original source of content and gives this link juice.The purpose of using the Canonical tag is to differentiate between the original content and copy content of same web site or some other web site.We some time write one content on different web pages of our site google cannot recognize which one is original content and which one is copy content and its negatively impact the page ranking of web page.For preventing from this condition Canonical tag is used.Procedure of writing this tag is given below.

This tag tell the search engines likes Google,Yahoo,MSN the given URL link is a original content and give the link juice to this URL.

SEO Concept-canonical
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