Learn HTML Tutorial

What is HTML:

HTML is a markup language used differen tages for diplaying text,image video.HTML is a abbreviation of Hyper Text Markup language.We used HTML for creating websites.HTML is a client side language.HTML website display through web browser sucha as Google chrome
,internet explorer,Mozila firefox,Opera etc.

How We Create HTML File:

For creating HTML file we needed text editor.We needed text editor which save our work in ASCII format.Mostly used text editor is
notepad.The HTML file/document has .html extension.For example we right name as

we save html file .html extension.When we double click on this file it automatically open in web browser.

Create Simple web page in HTML.

For creating Html page we start from the tag <html> it is starting tag and we also wirte its closing tag </html>.After this tag comes head tag its same opening and eding tag <head></head> head tag is used for header similarly is anothers tags are <title> </title> title tag show text in caption bar of browser.<body></body> body is the main area of web page most of text are written in this section.Under the body most of tags used.
Basic format of html page is as.

Lets we create a simple HTML page.

First open the file index.html.
Write the following code in this file.
<title>This is my first html page</title>
<p>Wellcome to my website</p>
Tag <p></p> is used for paragraph.
Save this file by using Ctrl+S.

Now dubble click on the file first html page will open in the browser and show written text as.
learn html
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