Learn HTML Tutorial 5

Importan Html tag,element and attribute list.

<html></html>                      = This is the first html starting and ending tag.
<head><head>                       = After the html tag comes heading tag.
<title></title>                         = Between the heading tag we write title.
<body></body>                      = This is the main area of html here we mostly write content of web                                                           page.
<p></p>                                  = This is used for writing paragraph.
<q></q>                                  = This element is used for quotation.
<blockquote></blockquote>   = This element is used for long quote.
<address></address>               =  This element is used for the address and contact information of                                                               writer.
<h></h>                                    = This tag is used for writing heading.Six different heading we used in html page.
<br>                                           =  This element is used for breaking the line.
&nbsp                                        =  This element is used for given the white space between the text.
<ul></ul>                                  =  This tag is used for  un-order list.
<ol></ol>                                  =  This tag is used for order list in html page.
<a href ''></a>                           =  This is used for give link in page
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