SEO Concepts - Canonical VS Noindex

SEO Concepts - Canonical VS Noindex

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As we know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very vast filed.Not a single search engine optimization term can enhance your site performance and SEO but a single factor can decrease your web site page ranking if it properly use. SEO is a lengthy process of optimization. You.You need to keep patience for result.For good Search engine optimization technique you need to must understand the some useful term which can effect your web site search ranking and visibility of your web site.
In this article i try to learn the two very famous term/technique Noindex and Canonical.These two term are necessary for good SEO. If you properly apply these term you can positively effect the result of your web site.


Canonical is a tag which used in HTML header section of web page.Canonical tag is used to tell the search engine crawler a given URL which used in Canonical tag is original source of content and gives this link juice.The purpose of using the Canonical tag is to differentiate between the original content and copy content of same web site or some other web site.We some time write one content on different web pages of our site google cannot recognize which one is original content and which one is copy content and its negatively impact the page ranking of web page.For preventing from this condition Canonical tag is used.Procedure of writing this tag is given below.

This tag tell the search engines likes Google,Yahoo,MSN the given URL link is a original content and give the link juice to this url.

canonical-seo concept


Noindex is a very effective method of preventing search engine to indexing a specific page in search engine. Noindexing is very useful method as compare to robots.txt because in noindex crawler read the content of page inside and give link juice and not not remember content and will not index the page link. This method positively effect on ranking and increased your ranking.

The procedure of writing noidex in very simple. Noindex is a meta tag which are written in head section of your website. Format of writing the noindex meta tag is written below.

noindex-seo concept
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