SEO Concepts - Inbound Link VS Outbound Links

SEO Concepts - Inbound Link VS Outbound Links

The concept of inbound and outbound linking is very important from SEO point of view.For good page ranking and search engine optimization inbound and outbound links play a main role.Good and quality link building is a backbone of search engine optimization.In this post i try to understand the difference between the inbound and outbound link.

Inbound links:
In generally we say that inbound links are those links in which your web site link are given on anothers web site.Formally speaking we can say that inbound links are link which pointing your web site.Inbound link are also known as backlink. Inbound which are given on relative site or authority site are very benifical to increase the search ranking of your web site.Always try to give your site link on high Page Rank (PR) web site and those sites or forum which related to your web site content.

Outbound link
In generally speaking we can say that outbound link are the links of other sites in your web site.In Formally way we can say that outbound links pointing the other web sites on your web sites.In outbound linking you have more control over these links.Outbound linking is also good technique for search engine optimization.You can give your reader more information by giving relevant content on your page or post.When you give relevant link it increase the reader trust on your web site and increase loyality.

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