Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are different companies which offers SEO tools.But i found these companies best for search engine optimization because of their fantastic features.


Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing. Site Explorer shows

inbound link and site summary data. Use Backlinks History to see how your prospect matches up

against its competitors over time. You can compare up to 5 different domains at the same time.

Check which one had the most backlinks and look back over 5 years of history. Use the Site

Explorer summary screen to quickly visualize a site's strength, pull out useful visualizations

showing the link profile, link breakdown, top anchor text and top pages of any site without the

need to use monthly allowances. By using this tool we can get following features,Compare vital

link statistics,Link to Google Webmaster Tools,Create an instant site audit,Compare

keywords,Tracking reports etc.

Why we use it:

We can use it for competitor analysis and backlink history,bulk backlink,keyword

search,URL submitter,for any site explorer and for link builing.


Ahrefs is an online marketing and SEO tools are built on the back of the world's largest

backlink index, and it is updated every 15 minutes. It used site explorer for backlink

checker,website analyses, find new linking partners, crawl websites. It used ton of backlink

tools,being able to see the anchor text of links coming to your domain is key feature. It also

provide the features of Content Explorer.

Why we can we use it:

This is the best tool for SEO point of view give quality backlink and many more features.


Measure and improve your organic traffic, keyword rankings, and visibility. Moz has

ability of analytic automatically audits your site, tracks your rankings and link metrics, shows you

what your competitors are up to, and highlights useful and actionable insights. It identify content

and link building opportunities. It search, segment, and compare Twitter users, track follower

growth, and find out the best ways to engage your audience and provide many more features.

Why we can we use it:

We can use for search engine optimization of entire we site.
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