Learn HTML Tutorial 2

Now we learn different element and tag used in html.


In Html we write six types of heading.Lets see how we make these headings.



<title> learn heading</title>


<h1>This is H1 heading</h1>

<h2>This is H2 heading</h2>

<h3>This is H3 heading<h/3>

<h4>This is H4 heading</h4>

<h5>This is H5 heading</h5>

<h6>This is H6 heading</h6>



Out put is shown as:

this is my first heading

this is my second heading

this is my first heading

this is my thirds heading

this is my fourth heading

this is my fifth heading
this is my sixth heading
How Create Images In HTML.

To create images in HTML we used img tag and src attribute.In src we give the path of the image.

Let we see how we insert image in html.

<title>Learn HTML</title>
<img  src="http://itmasti.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/html-icon.png" />

Out put are shown as 


learn html


Marquee tag is used for scrolling text.Different attribute used in marquee.let we see each attribute.
bgcolor = we can give the background color in marquee.
direction = we also set the direction of text is scrolling either right,left,up and down.
Let we see how we writhe this interesting tag.

<marquee direction="right" bgcolor = "red">Learn All in one place</marquee>

Output shown as:
Learn All in one place

Anchor or link tag is used to link the other sites or different pages in your page.href is a attribute used in this tag.let see how we write it.Anchor tag has opening and ending tag.In between the tag we write text whose gives link we write the example below how we give link of goole let see.

<a href="http://www.google.com">Google</a>

Output is shown as:
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