What is SEO:
SEO(Search Engine Opitmization) is a method or proccess of increasing the visiability of website such as more visitor visit on web sites.SEO Make site user and search engine friendly.

Types of SEO;
There are two types of SEO one is off page seo and another is on page seo.There is a percetage of 20% and 80% between off page seo and on page seo.The worth of off page seo is more than on page seo in page ranking.

On Page SEO.
For on page seo must understand the following below point for high ranking in search engine.

1.Title and meta description.
Title play a very vital role in on page seo.60 character is consider good lenght in title.In tile use '|' in replace of 'and'.Try to use keywords in title this is good practise.
Meta description are not play a vital role in page ranking.Meta description is usually used for serach engine result pages to shows the preview of page.But Meta tage increase in click through rate of search engine result pages.In meta description we write comprehensive content and give keywoards also.Character not exceeded from 160 character and try to used different meta discription of each page.we write title and meta description as in html head.

Url should be short and comprehensive and show the hierarchy of the website.Try to used keyword in url.
Good url =
Bad url =$tfe/09e3

3.Content of the page.
Content of the page also very important in on page must write keyword between 100 to 150 words.use headings in content page and give important keywords in heading.Content of page is very comprehensive.Do not need write keywards again and again in content.Avoid to write too much keywords again and again.

Images and video cannot increase your page ranking.Try to use less images and video because when we open these sites in which videos and images present the site take time to open web page.Use the alt tag when in your image such as.
< img src = "#" alt ="all in one plase" >
OFF page SEO is a method or process to improve the ranking or position of web site in serach engnine by link building forum posting social book markeing directory submission.OFF page seo is the activity of beyon the On page.

OFF page seo is a slow but long lasting method of search engine optimzation.Many methods involve in OFF page seo.Let's we see briefly these method.

1. Link Building:
First most usefull OFF page method is link building. In link building method we build external links of website.This method is very useful for high rank in search engine.

2.Articles Submission.
Article submission is another method of improve web site position in search engine.Through this method we publish articles in different articles directories. some article directory allow you to publish promotion articles and some allow general articles.Some articles publisher website has allow to give link in articles but some only allow to give your website links in author source.

3.Blog Commenting And Blogging.
Blog commenting is a good method OFF page SEO. Some of the high rank blogs allow you to participate in discussion by giving comments.In comments you can give the reference of your web site if its can also promote your web site by making the blog of your web site such like in blogger or wordpress. Blogging is also a very effective technique to promote your web site.

4.Social Media.
Now a days social media is also very effective technique to improve page rank and position in search engine.Social media is a very fast method of promote your website in hug audience in very shor time.Such like using Facebook to create your web site page and share with your friends and public.

5.Forum Posting.
Forum posting is another high page rank technique in search engine.Some of the forum allow you to create the signature.In signature you can briefly give the over view of your website and also allow you give one or two website links.Some forum has different segments you can participate in different segments and give reference of your web site where appropriate.
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