SEO Concepts - SEO VS PPC

SEO Concepts - Search Engine Optimization VS Pay Per Click


There are many differences between the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Page Per Click) but the main difference which mostly understand is SEO is a free method of trafic genration and on the other hand PPC is not free you have to pay on per click.

We also known SEO an "organic search engine listing" and PPC "paid search engine listing".Both these technique are an important part of Search Engine Marketing(SEM).

Lets see how these two techniques SEO VS PPC are different from each other.

When we talk about cost SEO is free method of search engine marketing while in case of PPC you need to pay on per click. As SEO is a free method but you need hard work to get place in top 5 position. Competition is so high in a specific keywords. SEO is a long term process you need to have patience for long lasting result.

In contrast to SEO Pay Per Click cost depends on different factors.The Google Adwords is most common method used for PPC. Its price is depends on the keyword popularity. If the keyword is popular than you have to pay high amount on per click.

SEO or organic traffic can deliver more traffic as compare to PPC traffic if specific keyword has good position in search engine. If your web site is in top 5 position of search engine result you not need to adopt PPC method for gaining traffic.

On the other hand if your web site position in search engine result is not in good position than Pay Per Click (PPC) is a good choice for you to driven traffic on your site.

Both method SEO and PPC are good search engine marketing.It depends on you if you want long lasting free of cost traffic than you need to go with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want immediate result and have sufficient budget than Pay Per Click (PPC) is a best choice for you.However you can use both of these method for in your search engine marketing campaign.

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